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Make a global impact this Christmas season.

Giving, done in love, is a wonderful thing. It brings joy to the recipient, the giver, and to God.

During my travels in Africa and Asia, I’ve received live chickens, handmade cards, flowers, soccer balls made from plastic bags wrapped in twine, and many other gifts. I was
humbled and overjoyed by each token of love.

Likewise, to see the joy radiating from the smiles of the givers, who were typically impoverished and facing many challenges, touched me deeply.

This Christmas season, we are again offering you an opportunity to experience the joy of giving in a special way.

These gifts are much more than just kind expressions of your heart but will meet needs and change lives.

Thank you for bringing joy to others! Know that everyone at Harvesters appreciates your heart for God and people.

-Doug Radford

Director, Harvesters International Ministries

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